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Roller shades are loved for their clean appearance, exceptional functionality and sleek style. A vibrant selection of fresh new hues, tried and true neutrals, and impactful textures bring an infinite selection of design choices. Choose from an array of decorative and foundational fabrics, from sheer to opaque, or solar screens with just the right openness for your desired light control, privacy and view through.

Roller Shades

Roller shades raise and lower by rolling neatly around a horizontal tube at the top of the window. Roller shades offer many different fabric choices to include stylish patterns, textures, and multiple different options of openness for view through of the shade.

Key Points

  • Dependable functionality
  • Cost efficient
Roller Shades


Roman shades are a unique blend of drapery fabric elegance with the functionality of a traditional window shade. Roman shades offer many different stylish patterns with options to customize light control with light filtering or room dimming liners.

Choose the perfect level of opacity for each room in your home.



Transitional shades are similar to a Classic roller shade design but with the modern functionality of blinds. Dual layered material with alternating vanes of sheer and light filtering or room dimming fabric that rotate when operating the shade.

  • Transitional shades offer optimal light control and privacy.
  • Choose the level of opacity perfect for each room in your home!
Transitional Shades


Crafted from organic elements of reed, grass, bamboo, paper and jute, woven shades are sure to fill any room with warmth, texture, and natural beauty. Multiple roman styles are available to customize your look even further. Choose your preferred light control with light filtering or room dimming liners

Woven Shades

Sheer Shadings

Translucent vanes that gently filter sunlight and disperse light delicately throughout the room when vanes are closed. Enjoy full view through when vanes are tilted open.

Engineered for optimal UV protection for delicate home furnishings with up to 88% ultraviolet protection when the vanes are open and up to 99% when the vanes are closed.

Translucent and room dimming options

In addition to blocking light, solar shades also reduce glare, protect against harmful UV rays, and prevent fading from the sun on carpets, furniture, and household surfaces.

  • Created with large windows in mind! Minimize Glare Reduce Heat Block Out Light
Shear Shades


The cellular construction of the blind traps air in specific pockets that creates insulation that can help lower energy consumption bills. Range of cell sizes

  • Choose the perfect level of opacity for each room in your home.
  • Custom shapes available for specialty windows
Cellular Shades
Bay Window Wear sells and installs verical window shades


Vertical blinds offer many different varieties, tilted slats with different opacity options to provide flexible light control and privacy to your desired degree. Functional, durable, and easy to clean, vertical blinds are favored for sliding glass doors or large windows.

Vertical Sheer Blinds

  • Affordable solution for large windows, sliding doors, and commercial spaces
  • Reliable light control
  • Easy to operate
  • Clean, durable

Get the look of a sheer drapery but the function of a light blocking vertical blind, A sheer fabric wraps around vertical louver vanes and hangs on a track for exceptional function.

Vertical Shades